Your design portfolio is in a pile with hundreds of other ones and the reviewer is in a hurry.

Last night I caught Marc Hemeon’s Periscope stream (video at the bottom). It was an educational experience.

Marc is a c0-founder of Design Inc., a new (still stealthy) marketplace startup where designers make up the supply side. They opened up submissions to the world in January and designers, hopeful to work with startups sourced from a high-quality network, offered up their portfolios, personal websites, and links to be considered for the opportunity.

Live streaming app Periscope’s vision is to give you a way to see the world through someone else’s eyes, and in doing so, maybe spark a bit more empathy for each other. For me, Marc’s session last night fulfilled that vision.

Why was it so educational? The purpose of this session was to view and rank design portfolios as fast as possible because there were over 500 submissions! With so many to process, that means each individual designer gets very little time for assessment.

Seeing your own portfolio through that perspective is illuminating.

With a growing global workforce of designers, the startups you want to work with get lots of applicants, so while they may sometimes get more time than Marc was able to allot to each portfolio, the reviewers are likely thinking similar thoughts and having similar first reactions.

These reviews were for a specific purpose, so some criteria may not always apply. For example, Design Inc. is using Stripe for payments, which doesn’t handle payments in some countries, so that eliminated designers who might have otherwise qualified. That’s instructive, too, though since real world hiring scenarios often have similar constraints.

How do you think you rank on a 1–5 scale where 5 is world-class, experienced, and showing an amazing portfolio?

Author: Bryan Landers

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