WordPress 4.5 “Coleman” Has Been Released

WordPress 4.5, named after Jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, has been released and is available for download.

This new version of WordPress comes with several new features and improvements, most of which focus on making editing and customizing of your site an easier task. 

Here is a preview video:

And here is a run-down of the features:

  • WordPress 4.5 now offers partial reload and loading of assets in the Theme Customizer. So if you change your logo, or the menu, the page will reload only that component, not the full thing.
  • WordPress 4.5 now also offers native support for logos, so you can add your site logo in the Site Description section of the Theme Customizer.
  • Inline links have been revamped and you can easily click and add links while editing content.
  • Additional formatting aids, such as ` and ` to enclose preformatted code have been added.
  • Better compression for images has now enhanced the performance of such images by almost 50% without affecting quality.
  • Many other code and function improvements as well as bug fixes.

This release was led by Mike Schroder, alongwith 286 other volunteers. You can learn more about WordPress 4.5 here.

Have you updated your websites to WordPress 4.5 yet? Share your views in the comments below!

Author: Sufyan bin Uzayr

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