Why I believe in full stack designers ? – UX Collective

As a start-up designer this is a topic I usually talk about and a question I ask myself frequently: Should product teams work with generalist designers or UX specialists?

Super unicorn Morty designer? Nah… A full stack designer isn’t a unicorn, for me it’s a UX Designer that knows HTML and CSS.

First things first. What’s a full stack designer?

A full stack designer (some years ago people called them web designers or sometimes are called product designers, or just designers) is a designer that gets involved in every stage of a product design: research, design, HTML/CSS.

It’s clear that our industry has a big problem with designers’ names. Right? Jonas Downey talks about this in The unnecesary fragmentation of design jobs.

So… ¿What’s a full stack designer?

It’s a person who can understand a problem, propose a solution and help taking it to reality.

Understand → Design → Make it real.

— But… wait, wait… ¿You are saying that a full stack designer, this mythological creature ?, can do everything perfectly?
No! unicorns don’t exist! Executing perfectly every part of the design process is imposible. Even for specialists.

But, on the other hand, being involved in every step of the design process and having the knowledge about the technical implementation is a big gain.

Of course, there’s always a trade-off. As a Designer you can choose on how to invest your time: you can go deeper on some specific skills or you can try to expand your boundaries by learning about different parts of the process.

Author: Damian Horn

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