What Apple Stores Teach SaaS Products About User Onboarding

The key lessons from brick-and-mortar expertise on how to engage new visitors.

The Apple retail store on 5th Avenue in New York City is designed to feel like an underground clubhouse.

Architect Peter Bohlin designed the store with the customer’s literal journey in mind. The storefront is a giant glass cube that draws pedestrians’ attention. To enter, you must step down an intricate (and patented!) staircase, which Bohlin says is supposed to make a “ceremony of descent.” Once finally underground, customers are treated to a treasure trove of sleek gadgetry.

Much like its actual products, Apple stores are the result of brilliant, customer-centric engineering. They subtly, carefully inform the users’ actions at every step of the journey. It’s onboarding at its finest, and turns visitors into fans.

Here are the 3 top onboarding lessons your product can draw from these genius stores.

Author: Pulkit Agrawal

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