Virtual Reality is not the ‘future’ it is happening now.

There have been so many articles that are circling around the idea that Virtual Reality is the ‘next big thing’, the future of gaming and many more names. For us, UX designers, it is a huge opportunity and a big start for something that requires a bit more effort than designing for a screen.

With VR we get to design and, are challenged to sustain full ergonomics when considering designing for ‘no screen’. This also means if you are a painter you don’t have the canvas to be painting, for a mathematician you don't have x,y in your coordinate system but also z.

Basically, you have a new dimension to explore in sustaining the user experience. There are certain things to look at in UX Research, before starting the design. I believe that we need to set guidelines and fundamentals as UX Researchers for the UX Designers to create user-friendly VR environments. I think VR needs the UX evaluation much more than any other system required before.

The most crucial state of the art to look at in UXVR is:

  1. User Interface and Interaction Design in Virtual Environments
  2. Presence in Virtual Environments
  3. Physical Discomfort and Simulation Sickness in VR

As these areas are investigated in universities and labs more, I believe we will be experiencing a much better world of Virtual Reality and start understanding the systems ‘naturally’ as humans have an adaptive behavior nature to become more familiar with VR.

Author: Benan Demir

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