Video Player 2.0 for Adobe Muse

Add a responsive video player to your Adobe Muse website. No Coding Skills Required.


Video has taken over the internet. YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. Adding a video to a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. After watching a video 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.

That is why I decided to create the Video Player 2.0 widget. This is the only video player widget you will ever need for your Adobe Muse website. With this video player you can add the following to your Adobe Muse website:

  • HTML5 video
  • YouTube video
  • Vimeo video
  • Use the video player as an audio player

The video player is responsive so it gets larger or smaller depending on the browser width. You can edit the colors of the video player, and even add cornered edges around the video. The perfect way to showcase your video in a functional and creative way.

Here are the features included in the widget:

  • Add HTML5 Video
  • Add YouTube and Vimeo Videos
  • Use video player as an audio player.
  • Set the video player to a custom size
  • Set the video player to 100% width
  • Have the video player be responsive and set the max-width
  • Lightweight
  • Customize the colors of the video player
  • Change the corner radius of the video player
  • Add captions to the video player
  • Enable or disable control buttons
  • Play or pause video when clicking on video player
  • Enable control tooltip
  • Enable seek tooltip
  • Hide controls
  • Show poster image when video is finished
  • Disable right click on video
  • Display duration of the video
  • Set the video to fullscreen
  • Autoplay Video
  • Loop Video
  • Video plays on mobile

In the video above I go over how to use the widget and where to access it. The widget is filled with great options to allow you to really customize the video player for your Adobe Muse website. No coding skills required. The widget can be found at

Happy Musing :).

Author: John

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