UX/UI case study — a step-by-step guide to the process of designing a travel app on Amazon

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for takeoff! ?

The challenge is simple but not easy, introducing Amazon to a market where it hasn’t had as much success as they would like and be able to compete with the great players of this one.

As we will see later, Amazon has tried it a few times without success, we will try to learn from their mistakes in the past and make an entry into the market in a different way.

We have two weeks and a modest budget to carry out an idea that will help our client to make a first approach and position itself in front of its rivals.

Understanding the challenge

It’s no coincidence that Amazon wants to reach this market, it’s expected that the number of people traveling will grow faster than the world’s gross domestic product over the next five to ten years, so the travel industry is a good place, and it has plenty of room to grow and improve.

For this reason, Amazon wants to expand its range of products and services. In addition to establishing strategic alliances with companies to increase their services.

Always basing their strategy mainly on being a customer centric company and the search for excellence in customer service. In addition, innovation and its entrepreneurial aspect lead to the successful launch of its products and services.