UX & Sketching: the best articles and resources of 2018

Krisztina Szerovay

Just like last year, I’d like to share articles, resources I found most interesting and useful in 2018 (& I also included resources that I created).

The resources are organized into 3 categories: Articles; Books; Tools & Other Resources.

UX & Sketching: The Best Articles and Resources of 2018


Create memories by sketching by Chris Spalton

I really like the way Chris explains the advantages of sketching and sketchnoting:

“The act of sketching helps re-inforce and solidify your experiences. Like all sketchnoters know, capturing talks and meetings in this fashion helps you remember the content better by creating extra cognitive connections, likewise, by combining the visual aspect, combined with extra context you add through words, you’re cementing your experiences in a way that is unique to sketchnoting.”

Create memories by sketching
I’ve just come back from an awesome trip to New York, I’ve only slept for 6 out of the last 72 hours and I barely know…uxplanet.org

Makayla Lewis on The Power of Sketchnoting in UX Design by Oliver Lindberg

This is an insightful interview with a great sketchnoter UX designer, organizer of the Sketchnote LDN meetup, Makayla Lewis (if you want to practice sketching, check out her SNChallenge!)

Makayla Lewis on The Power of Sketchnoting in UX Design | Adobe Blog
Adobe Products Featured By day, Makayla Lewis is a research fellow in human-computer interaction, cyber security, and…theblog.adobe.com

Extremely Useful Whiteboard Templates For Efficient Workshops — Part 1 & 2 by Yuri Malishenko

Sometimes using a template is a great way of kickstarting a collaborative session. In these 2 articles, Yuri explains 6 useful templates: Analysis of roles involvement in a work process, Customer journey mapping, The visual way for handling retrospectives, Organisational design analysis, Organisational design in the context of a work process, Value stream mapping.

Extremely Useful Whiteboard Templates For Efficient Workshops — Part 1
Learn whiteboard templates for product management, design thinking, agile software development, change management and…medium.com

Design Thinking Visualized by Anna Iurchenko

Anna does a great job at explaining what design thinking is about, and I really like her clean, playful sketching style.

Design Thinking Visualized
Over the last year I drew all my notes at Stanford class on Design Thinking in a visual way that anyone can understand.medium.com

Sketchnoting for UX designers: WebExpo Conference captured by sketchnotes by Krisztina Szerovay

I created 16 sketchnotes during the WebExpo conference, and I also give some advice on sketchnoting for UX designers:

Sketchnoting for UX designers: WebExpo Conference captured by sketchnotes
Some days ago I attended the WebExpo Conference in Prague, and listened to 16 talks (8 talks/day). And I didn’t only…uxdesign.cc

3 ways to add extra impact to figures by Ben Crothers

Ben’s tips will help you highlight the human aspect of product design: the digital product/service you’re working on is going to be used by human beings. So adding some details that show users in their context will help you communicate user goals & needs.

“Whether you draw for a living, or you just want to liven up your work by making it more visual (or both!) adding figures and faces to your communications makes a big impact. Our eyes can’t help but lock into the eyes of another face, or the pose of a figure, to seek meaning and affinity.”

3 ways to add extra impact to figures
Wait, before you reach for that stock photography, think about adding your own drawings of figures to your…prestosketching.com

Learn these two simple techniques that will dramatically improve your whiteboard skills by Yuri Malishenko

One more article by Yuri: in my opinion, UX/product designers should be able to facilitate meetings, collaborative sessions, so if you consider yourself a beginner in this area, check out this awesome entry level tutorial:

Learn these two simple techniques that will dramatically improve your whiteboard skills
Become a pro when working with whiteboards without reading a single book or attending a specialized trainingmedium.com

The Power of Visuals by Agata Braja

This article shows that having even a very small set of icons you can sketch out confidently (visual library) is a great starting point for visual thinking:

“I find it very helpful to have my selection of top 20 basic pictures in my ‘back pocket’ ready to use and draw whenever needed. Among them are pictographs (pictures of real things) and ideographs (pictures of ideas). Practise basic shapes on a piece of paper. You can google simple doodles and start by copying the shapes you like.”

The Power of Visuals – agatabraja.com
Have you ever wished that you could learn faster? or be more persuasive in the workshops that you lead? There's a…agatabraja.com

3 rapid prototyping exercises to improve your UX skills by Elaine Tran

Here are 3 exercises you can use for practicing:

“By practicing these rapid prototyping exercises you can train yourself to think through solutions faster and to always validate your ideas.”

3 rapid prototyping exercises to improve your UX skills
This one quote I read from Hustle, really stuck to me:uxdesign.cc

Product Design Exercises We Use At WeWork Interviews by Artiom Dashinsky

While applying design exercises during interviews is a controversial topic, I believe that these exercises offer a great way of practicing sketching and visual thinking. This article contains 17 exercises:

Product Design Exercises We Use At WeWork Interviews
Use these exercises to practice your product-thinking skills and learn how we test our design candidates.blog.prototypr.io

Lessons learned from running Sketchstorming workshops by Teo Choong Ching

There are so many aspects of designing a great workshop, this article highlights some valuable takeaways and offers some advice, for instance: “Set a strict time limit for your meeting and make sure you stick to it!”

Lessons learned from running Sketchstorming workshops
Important lessons I learned from running Sketch-storming sessions. I hope this article is valuable for facilitators who…uxdesign.cc

Stop Talking and Start Sketching: A Guide to Paper Prototyping by Marvel

This article contains a high-level overview of paper prototyping, what I like about it is that it highlights the inclusive nature of paper prototypes:

“ Overall, anybody can get involved — I’ve seen paper prototyping used as a tool to bring ideas from everyone into the prototyping process, no matter their role or seniority in a company. Doing so can get more buy-in from leadership too if they’ve had input on the designs, and also brings new perspectives to explore.”

Stop Talking and Start Sketching: A Guide to Paper Prototyping
by Graeme Fultonmedium.com

‘A safe space to draw’ by Katie McCurdy

One more article about design workshops, it describes an interesting aspect of sketching and visual thinking: warm-up exercises, like creating spirals, can help participants calm their minds. It’s important to first create the right conditions for creativity and problem solving.

“We began with a few easy pattern exercises to help people calm their minds and get used to putting pen to paper.”

‘A safe space to draw’
Insights from leading a visual thinking workshop, and how drawing can transform the way we workmedium.com

Know whiteboards, know design. by Alan Cooper

Alan Cooper starts with explaining why visual thinking is an essential skill for designers:

“Visual thinking — and its sibling, visual communication — are foundational skills for interaction designers. Diagramming is the most commonly found tool in the designer’s arsenal. It would be difficult to design effective behavior without diagramming.”

The other part I’d like to highlight is this, he talks about a really clever and efficient interview exercise:

“So we offered various practical tests. Our most effective one was devilishly simple. I’d quickly draw a big dialog box on the whiteboard, then hand the marker to the candidate and instruct them to, “Make it better.” The candidate would offer some change to the dialog, whereupon we’d say, “Make it still better.” After two or three iterations of this game, we could pretty much tell if they were charlatans, theorists, or consulting designers. And most of all, we could tell if they were visual thinkers by the way they used the whiteboard.”

Know whiteboards, know design.
The best tool for visual thinking.medium.com

Practical whiteboarding for UX designers by Arturo Ríos

One more article about whiteboarding, these are my favorite points:

“Through whiteboard exercises, you can give your team a channel and voice to propose new ideas, a shared language.”

“Instead of trying to draw the straightest line in the world or crafting the most dribbble-worthy user flow, start with high-level concepts or not-so polished vague ideas you would like to further explore, once the team reviews all the possibilities at hand.”

Practical whiteboarding for UX designers
Tips & tricks from the experts to conduct whiteboard sessions with your team or during job interviews.uxdesign.cc

UX sketching challenge: 100 days of visual library building by Krisztina Szerovay

My article summarizes what the 100-day long UX-related visual library building is about, showcases some solutions and introduces the monthly design exercises.

UX sketching challenge: 100 days of visual library building
How to develop your sketching skills in a fun and easy wayuxdesign.cc

Author: Krisztina Szerovay

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