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The evolution of design with culture thinking →

It seems to me that rarely we consider the long-term impact on our culture by the designs we design. We invented automobiles and built our cities around them leaving little room for anything else — leisure, green spaces and community.

We designed digital social networks which has changed the definition of “friend” and changed the way we interact. Facebook has been the tool to organize revolutions and makes news, breaks news, and decides what is news. Instagram has made the word selfie a world-wide phenomenon; it was even awarded ‘Word Of The Year 2013′ by Oxford Dictionaries.

And let’s not forget the physical product it runs on that gave us apps — the iPhone. Together, these products have tethered us to obsession: literally framing our lives as perfect, one filter at a time, sharing every second of our day, placing knowledge at our fingertips, and teleporting us around at the push of a button. All this results in and make up our culture, all of which is designing us.

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Author: Fabricio Teixeira

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