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Do you feel like learning more about User Experience? Taste some design podcasts with this playlist.


The best way to know whether a podcast fits your taste is by listening to an episode, obviously. But, which one to pick? Unless it's a show like Serial, starting from episode 01 is not always the best idea…

Worry no more. We created this playlist with our one favorite episode from each podcast to help you find out what better fits your taste.

Furthermore, keeping the tradition of odd analogies, we grouped the episodes by: appetizers (informal chat to hear any time); main (that might need more focus to hear and learn); side dishes (topics that you might not hear about all the time); and desserts (some sweetness to take a time-off from UX savory and be inspired).

Press play and bon appétit.

Appetizer: career advice with Whitney Hess

The UX intern is like a straightforward mentoring session on your design career. This episode has Whitney Hess, an empathy coach, as a guest.

The UX Intern
There are two guests in #12 – Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman and Jared Spool. Both of them have contributed a lot to the field…theuxintern.com

Appetizer: Interview about career with Sacha Greif

UI Breakfast focuses less on user experience and more on what is going on in design at the moment. This interview with Sacha Greif brings a great perspective on a different career path from corporations or just freelance.

Main: Calm technology with Amber Case

The UX podcast has weekly episodes dedicated to UX: articles, events and the hot topics of the week. In this episode, the hosts interview Amber Case on Calm Technology and the challenges in designing a connected world.

Main: Style guides with Nathan Curtis

Main: If you are interested in style guides, nothing better than hearing Nathan Curtis, Brad Frost and Anna Debenham talking about it.

Main: Information Architecture with Peter Morville

Main: UX Radio is a great option if you want to go beyond the basics and learn more about foundational pieces of UX, like in this episode with Peter Morville on Information Architecture.

Reframing the Problem of Information Architecture – UX-radio
We are sure glad that Peter happened upon the book, Careers in Library Science, one day whilst wondering around a…ux-radio.com

Main: Behind the scenes with an AirBnB design manager

The Design Details podcast provides insights from how some of the products that we use and admire were designed and how their design team works. In this episode, the guest is Amber Cartwright, from Airbnb.

Side dish: The intersection of marketing and UX

An episode on user experience as a marketing strategy. This episode (and the full podcast) provides a different perspective on design.

Dessert: How TED talks change how we learn

Design Matter doesn’t talk about UX design directly, but still there are a lot to learn from some A-list guests like Chris Anderson, the creator of the beloved TED Talks.

Dessert: Will the people of the future understand our current design?

99% Invisible is probably the favorite podcast of all curious people — just like UX designers are ?. In this episode, the hosts discuss a story on the challenges to create a visual sign that should work ten thousand years from now.

Author: Caio Braga

Collect by: uxfree.com