UX binge-watch, season 2: talks on accessibility, diversity and inclusion

Talks to watch (or just listen) about the exciting challenges of designing for inclusion.

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This year, we dedicated the entire month of April to diversity and design. With the help of amazing designers and organizations, we talked about why diversity is important, its benefits to organizations, and some initiatives to that are already happening in the design field.

That series was just the start of an ongoing conversation. So, it's a good time to give a break again on the case studies, sketch plugins and the trending topics, to watch a few videos to keep the conversation going around accessibility and diversity that is so important for our field and for our community.

Episode 1: everyone is different

UX Mastery partnered with with Accessibility Bytes to create a short and great introductory video on accessibility.

Episode 2: new senses for humans

"Why would ever stop to imagine that there is something beyond what we can sense?" David Eagleman explains the meaning of Umwelt and how we could expand it (and make the world more accessible at the same time).

Episode 3: universal design

"Disability drives innovation". Michael Nesmith talks about the pursue of a universal design, which should be every designer's goal.

Episode 4: interview with John Maeda

In my favorite High Resolution interview, John Maeda talks about his work at MIT, the designer career and how it changed over time, and the link of creativity and inclusion. "Design is about listening […] and moving".

Episode 5: cultural diversity matters

Some stories, and even words, are hard to translate from one language to another. Every culture has a different way of thinking. Michael Gavin explains why it's important to protect languages and culture from extinction.

Episode 6: the paradox of diversity

Dr. Marylin Sanders Mobley talk is from four years ago, but still as relevant today: "diversity is an unfinished business".

Bonus track

Diseño Cha Cha Cha is a podcast in Spanish about design from and for the latinx community, created by Pablo Stanley.

Podcast Episodes
Diseño Cha Cha Cha es un podcast sobre diseño y la comunidad latina que trabaja en la industria de tecnología. · · …www.disenochachacha.com

Diversity is an ongoing conversation here at uxdesign.cc, as it is part of our philosophy. If you have an article to share about this topic, send us an email at [email protected]

Author: Caio Braga

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