“User research, but why?” – UX Collective

7 common reactions you will hear and how to tackle them by taking a practical research approach.

Waiting area inside a major hospital in India. Imagine making a digital solution for this space without ever being here !

If your job title has anything to do with design, there is a good chance that you would have experienced the need to do some form of user research as part of your creative process. And if you happen to work with or for a group of people who have limited understanding of the design process, then I am pretty sure you must have had your moments of frustration.

If it is a battle to sell design , it is a war to sell research.

For last 8 years I have fought some wars on my own and by the looks of it there are more to come. From a job title saying ‘Design researcher’ to ‘UX designer’, from a corporate to a start up to a design agency to freelance and finally a corporate again, I have experienced different levels of design maturity within the teams. But to a large extent the challenges are similar in each one of these setups. If you are lucky, you might be part of a dedicated research team or at least have access to one. Even then it’s not always a smooth road taking your research to far corners of your company and making an impact with it. It’s partly our fault as well when we also fail to understand our ‘other users' , namely POs , developers and everyone else who should listen to what you have to say, but not are not entirely abreast with fancy jargons of our design world :). What I have realised over the years is that sometimes we have to let go of our (designer)ego and bend some rules for the benefit of end user.

I have summarised some common reactions I have heard over years from my non designer colleagues(and sometime fellow designers as well) and my learnings from my successful and unsuccessful attempts to initiate or utilise user research in my teams. Each learning is accompanied with a real life project example (marked as ?).

Author: Pragam Rathore

Collect by: uxfree.com