Use Empty States to your Advantage –

How to prevent your app from losing half its users in a month

Empty States are often neglected and designed last. I don’t blame you though. After all, compared to the main screens, these aren’t important. Right?

Sadly, no. The worst that can happen is that users can uninstall your app after first use. Trust me, you don’t want that to happen.

Users who uninstall your app after first-use are most likely to never return.

Mostly, empty state screens are ignored until the app is done. Then, you realize that a particular screen could be empty at some time. So you just throw in a little error message like this and call it a day.

iOS Pages app — I’m not sure where it’s asking me to tap…

This is NOT okay! Once users reach an empty state screen, they might not know what to do. Or they simply might move on to another screen, or worse, another app.

The gravity of the situation is worse than you think! Here’s a wake-up call.

The average app mostly loses its entire user base within a few months. — Andrew Chen (Growth at Uber, LinkedIn Influencer)

First, let’s clarify what an empty state is. Then, we’ll see why it must be given importance. Next, let’s find out when it can occur and how to tackle them. Finally, we’ll see how to design effective Empty States.

Author: Suleiman Ali Shakir

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