UN Study Finds App-based Hookups Causing Teen HIV Epidemic

The latest UN Study reports that apps meant for dating have been linked to an rise in HIV spread among teens in the Asia-Pacific area. Due to the social stigmas of the area, the hookups via dating Apps has become especially popular among gay males; who can meet and date without fear of being criminalized.

“While global HIV infections are falling, the number of adolescents aged 10-19 officially living with HIV in Asia and the Pacific has grown to more than 220,000, with the unofficial number expected to be much higher.” – Unicef

By facilitating casual sex, the dating apps have given teens a chance to meet and date individuals faster and easier than ever before. Due to the lack of sex education and STD Testing in the area the infection among app users looking for casual sex is spreading quickly. It only takes one person infected with HIV to potential spread and affect many lives.

The UN does not state that the software is to blame. However, they do believe dating app developers could play a great role in the solution by educating its users about spreading sexually transmitted diseases and promoting responsible behaviour.

Author: Paulina Vargas

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