Touching up blemishes on Sephora’s UI –

A UX case study for Sephora’s iOS app


In the age of new media, digital content creators have been increasingly influencing the beauty and fashion space. Hundreds of Youtube and Instagram posts unraveled my love for skincare products, and soon I found Sephora to be my one-stop shop. I used the web app to shop for a few months until I found out about their iOS app. However, despite using the app religiously, I had trouble navigating through it. After observing that other people also experienced issues with the app, I pursued this redesign as an opportunity to improve the experience in any way I could.

Through usability testing, I discovered that many users struggled with navigation within the app to find relevant features that they wanted to use. Based on my research findings, I designed some solutions and validated them further with additional usability tests.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sephora in any capacity.

Current Sephora iOS App

Personal Objectives

I had two main motives for this case study:

  • Facilitate a better user experience for Sephora’s app by improving its UI.
  • Take full ownership of the various roles involved in designing a product such as: User Researcher, User Experience Designer, Product Designer.

Author: Priyanka Gupta

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