Top 15 Updates – Adobe Muse 2015.2

Top 15 Updates – Adobe Muse 2015.2


Adobe Muse has recently been updated to Adobe Muse 2015.2. The update was released on June 21, 2016. In the video above I go over what I think are the top 15 updates. They are as follows (in no particular order):

  1. New Start Screen
  2. Vertical Site Map Display
  3. Ellipse Tool
  4. Vertical Move Handle
  5. Rectangle and Ellipse Frame Tool
  6. Responsive Width and Height
  7. Responsive YouTube and Vimeo Videos
  8. Minimum Page Width
  9. Fixed-Width Scroll Effects
  10. CC Libraries and Swatches Panel
  11. Adobe Illustrator Workflow
  12. Collecting All Assets
  13. Fallback Fonts
  14. Preview Network Address
  15. Improved Google Pagespeed Rank

One of the big updates is the fixed-width scroll effects. In the 2015.1 release we were introduced to “Fluid-Width” breakpoints which allowed websites to be similar to responsive websites. The only issue with this was that the scroll effects were disabled. Those of us who started to use Adobe Muse early on really loved to use scroll effects – me included. Now with the 2015.2 update the scroll effects have been re-introduced on fixed-width breakpoints. You just have to make sure the breakpoint is set to fixed-width and the scroll effects are enabled again.

Along with this update and widgets from you can create an awesome website. No coding skills required.

Happy Musing :).

Author: John

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