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We have seen quite a lot at the UX Collective this year. After curating 2,239 links and sharing them with 264,016 designers around the world, we have isolated a few key trends in what our industry is writing, talking, and thinking about. Here’s what to expect for UX in 2019.

Fabricio Teixeira

If you landed here hoping to find out whether rounded corners and brutalist typefaces will be trending in 2019, we have some bad news. This is not an article about user interface trends — you’ll find those on Medium every week, produced by specialized publications.

Our annual trends report is a holistic analysis of UX Design as a discipline: the tools we use, the methods we apply every day, the technologies we design around, the career challenges we experience, and how our community is responsible for what’s happening in the world around us — the one that we, consciously or not, have helped design.

This is the fourth year in a row that we’re publishing our trends report (which has us wondering — at what point exactly does something become a tradition?). The response we received last year was so overwhelmingly positive it inspired us to go even further in our exploration. We embarked upon this year’s report knowing that we must be even more critical of our work, with a deeper awareness of our responsibility as designers and an understanding of our broader impact on society.

We are looking forward to how design will evolve in 2019. Meanwhile, here is our review of the past and analysis of the present, with an ever-watchful eye on the future of UX:

  1. Everyone is a lead
  2. Designers are too busy to design
  3. Design is not saving the world
  4. Designing for less
  5. Our obsession with methods
  6. Should design tools code?
  7. Thinking outside the artboard
  8. Embracing the open kitchen
  9. Making tech work

The State of UX in 2019
From the tools we'll use, to our process, to the behaviors that will change the way we design – here's a list of what…

Hope you enjoy the ride,

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