The Incredible New Features of Magento 2.0

Magento continues to impress millions of webmasters running e-commerce sites, and Magento’s recent major upgrade builds on some of the content management system’s best features.

Ensuring that e-commerce sites running Magento continue to maintain ideal web standards when it comes to security as well as appearance, Magento 2.0 is a massive overhaul under the hood that will keep webmasters running modern and clean designs, thus making it a worthy successor to the original.

Magento v2 is a clean upgrade which has deprecated a lot of the old technologies underneath.

With these changes, new Magento sites will be better and more responsive than ever. It’s a default HTML5/CSS3 setup which can also affect how you define your themes.

Updated Structure and Libraries

One of the biggest upgrades to Magento 2 is its adoption of HTML5 technologies. This is extremely important as outdated technologies which HTML5 can replace are constantly being deprecated.

With HTML5 and a host of other new technologies replacing older ones such as the use of the full jQuery library(which is now being used in place of prototype), Magento 2 allows for a major upgrade in how it works under the hood with an eye towards the future of web technologies.

Magento 2 also uses the full features of improved underlying database structure and uses PHP 5.5.x and MySQL 5.6

Easy and Secure Upgrades

Magento 1 users who are accustomed to tricky upgrades will find that the entire upgrading experience has been changed in Magento 2. The changes will make upgrades easier and faster than ever before.

Magento 2 actually includes an automatic installer that can check upgrade requirements, and will verify that you have all the additional components needed for flawless operation with your upgrade.

Finally, an easy-to-use import/export tool will make it easy to switch over to Magento 2 and future upgrades. Whereas upgrading used to be a chore, it’s now easy and pleasant with Magento 2.

Magento v2 is already free of the security vulnerabilities of even the latest 1.x versions of the CMS.

A Radically Improved User Experience

Magento 2 has a vastly improved UI experience designed to offer users the information that they need immediately. Between the ease of use of the menu system, other improvements include drill-downs that make it easier to see how visitors are using the site, which can help determine where one can improve the visitor experience for a better ROI.

The Menu System is Now Function-Centric

The primary Magento menu has been completely reorganized.

Whereas looking for things used to require a good amount of background and training, the menu system now lowers the learning curve a bit by ensuring that menu options are related to their functions. This means that finding what you need to make updates is now easier than ever.

Menus are now organized under Marketing, Content, Product and Report Menus.

Product menu options let you deal with inventory or specific items directly. The Marketing menu allows you to add, edit, and update promotions, or work on specific item SEO rules. The Content menu allows you to work on components, elements or themes.

All of the menus have been updated for easier use in Magento 2.0, making it easier to work with your users and train them on updating aspects of their site.

Author: Brian Taylor

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