The Importance of Copywriting in UX Design — a UX Writer Story

in Collaboration with evira tiffany— a UX Writer at Tokopedia

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These days, UX Design has grown rapidly. Now, every digital company has a UX Designer to handle experience things for their products. UX Designer also has played a big role in many big companies in the world, especially in Indonesia. In recent years, most of product and tech enthusiasts are talking about UX Design. It seems that everyone wants to be a UI/UX Designer.

I have been a UI/UX Designer since 2014 from agency to product-based company, but after all this time, I always feel confused in writing for my own design and finally, writing become a thing that I don’t pay attention to. But, one day I saw that some of my friends made a post of empty-states screenshot from a well-known digital company in Indonesia to their Instagram Story. They said that the empty states was funny because of a wording and an icon. And I felt like, “WOWWW!! How can a word give users a happy experience?”. Considering all of my friends posting a screenshot to their Instagram story isn’t from tech or digital startup company.


So, after that, I was searching and learning more about how UX Writing matters in UX Design. By collaborating with Evira , a UX writer of Tokopedia, we want to share about the importance of Copywriting in UX Design.

Ohh… I forgot to introduce my friend; Here is Evira, a UX Writer at Tokopedia. We know each other because we are from Product Design team of Tokopedia. She helps a lot in creating consistent and effective copywriting for my design. Before working at Tokopedia, Evira was working at Zalora Indonesia as a content writer. She learned how to write a content related to fashion for a year. One year struggling for writing techniques, she realized she could do bigger than writing for a fashion. She thought maybe she should start to think more of users. Then, she found a job opportunity at Tokopedia as a UX writer (at Tokopedia, we use term “copywriter”). She said that this job is very different from the previous one because she is challenged to write based on users’ needs. Let’s go deeper to this role!

Author: Muhammad Raufan Yusup

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