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A big part of what we learned in UX comes from online reading: articles, tutorials, resources, blogs. It’s all available out there, for free — and all you have to do is invest some time to dig it up. But there’s a lot. UX is becoming increasingly popular, and with that comes a lot of clutter, noise and disorientation. is focused on organizing and sharing UX content with our community.


As designers, there are a few north stars that we try to keep in mind in everything we do. In a fast-paced industry like Design and Tech, it’s easy to fall into the trap of getting blinded by novelty, and simply following what other people are saying or doing.

Everything we do has to have a purpose.

That applies to our design decisions, but also to our careers, our field, our communities and our lives.

Here are a few things we believe every designer should be mindful of, and that drives all of our decisions on what is published on

  • Impartiality. As designers, we have the power to impact what people see, think and feel, and the responsibility of not using that power to mislead them or create false beliefs. The same applies to our content: we never publish articles that are trying to sell something or that blur the line between content and marketing. Impartiality is important because it ensures a fair game for everyone — and our authors know the importance of that.
  • Accessibility. The experiences we design have to be accessible to all types of users, regardless of their context or condition. Similarly, the stories we publish should be accessible for all audiences — from design veterans to people who are just curious about our field. No jargons. No tech talk. Accessibility in writing means making it easy for people to understand new concepts, technologies or ideas. Great writers (as well as great designers) know how to make things simple and consider an audience larger than themselves.
  • Diversity. Our design teams have to be diverse to ensure we are considering all types of perspectives — which will eventually lead to stronger and better design solutions. The articles we publish also have to encourage multiple and diverse perspectives, that will lead us to a stronger collective thinking. We welcome authors and readers from all countries, backgrounds, and levels of experience.
  • Change. As designers, it is part of our jobs to constantly challenge the status quo, pushing for innovation and seeing things differently. With writing it is just the same. At, we are particularly excited about pieces that challenge universal truths and established paradigms, with examples, references and solid arguments. After all, our job as designers is to question the world we live in.
  • Community. Collaboration is key to any design team out there. At, we also encourage discussion, participation and collaboration on every story we publish. The best stories are the ones that make people urge to respond — either in agreement or disagreement.

If you are here, there’s a big chance you think alike.

Feel free to submit your story to be published with us.

Let’s make our community stronger.

And let’s be thoughtful about how we do it.


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