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It’s a Sunday afternoon, you try to video call your parents on Skype and after numerous attempts of screaming “Press the blue colored phone”, you finally give up and go with the usual phone call you do every week.

If you are able to relate a similar scenario in your life, stop complaining your parents and accept the fact that you failed at being a responsible Child, Engineer, Designer, Entrepreneur, or whatever the thing you would like to call yourself proudly.

Being a kid who was lucky enough to explore technology at the early stages of his life(Thanks to my parents), I was fascinated by the endless possibilities a computer possess. Knowing technology made me empowered it was like having my very own super powers, and in return, I felt responsible for my powers to make the world a better place.

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But where should I start ?

Whom should I start with ?

Should i get myself a costume with a cape and cool name to go with it ?

or rather just become a super Villain (Which would have been cool BTW)

I was a 10-year-old when I wrote my first line of code in HTML (yes i know, it’s a Markup Language), and even my school refused to lend me to a computer from the school lab which I have asked for my project demonstration in the school exhibition.

Although that didn’t stop me from moving forward, as a child I have always dreamed what humans collectively would be capable of, when everyone could have my super powers with them. And as time went I realized everyone else acquired my power in later stages of their school or sometimes even in college life.

Unlike others I didn’t keep my super powers to myself I continued to lend my powers to my seniors which whoever it might be,

My parents who wished to make their work easy by reducing the paperwork

My uncle who owned a high-end mobile device, yet books ticket in a live counter or recharges only in a shop

An aged co-passenger who wishes to text his son in the middle of the night, as calling might wake him up

My Neighboring uncle who wishes to Skype his Software Engineer son living in the states for the past 7 years.

It’s not like I started a local training institute for seniors, I just taught them

  • The curiosity to explore technology on their own.
  • The gutsy mentality of “I’m good at this”.

Which are possibly the only two things that helped us all to explore technology at our earlier stages

Now, as a result, my parents and a couple of countable seniors I know are the only few among their friends circle who could make a video call to their son, Facebook their travel pictures or even Whatsapp me their location when I’m going to pick them up.

I even discuss the Tech world with them every now and then, I teach them what is Hyper Loop and how it could change the world, I show them the pictures taken by Curiosity, I teach them for what a Safety check was introduced by Facebook.

However, this is not the same state everywhere else, both 10-year-old me and the current me have always felt astounded of the fact that most of us have left our seniors behind. It feels like the Batman abandoning Gotham just because the people of Gotham are too old to help.

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The people who watched us grow into this ungrateful half human — half smartphone organisms deserve a lot a more, it is our responsibility to teach our parents and seniors about technology that could simplify their lives as well.

So the next time before feeling proud of whatever you are now, make sure you have paid back to your seniors who has gone through hell to get you there. Though it might seem less important to few of us, but the less complicated lifestyle of us with the help of technology should be accessible all the age groups.

Things you could start with,

  • Teach your mom to check weather online so she doesn’t end up drying the clothes again
  • Teach you dad How to use the google maps for Traffic so he could take a less peaceful route to work
  • Teach your Grandmother or someone in that age to watch their favorite TV shows on youtube
  • Teach your Grandfather or someone in that age to watch their all time favorite sports finals they wish to see again
  • Most Importantly (for the people in India)Help them fight back Demonetization with Online Transactions and Wallets

And believe me, nothing could make you happier than seeing someone happy because of you.

If you are looking for a New Year Resolution that you could keep up with for the whole of 2017 then ‘Teaching technology to your parents’ might be the best one 🙂

As UX designers, this could greatly help us in understanding our senior audience better, making the products we build usable among all age groups 🙂

Author: Karthikeyan Partheeban

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