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Want to submit your article to us? Here are some useful tips, guidelines and info about the publication process to keep in mind.

What we publish

Articles that add value to the design community we believe in.

Posts, lists, opinions, tutorials and case studies on User Experience Design, Usability, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Product Design, and any other topic that relates to designing and building digital products that will improve people’s lives.

We want to make sure our audience has a clear takeaway after reading your article. What do you expect people to learn? How can they apply that to their day-to-day jobs or lives?

What we do not publish

Posts that are trying to sell something – whether it’s a tool, a book, a training course, tickets to an event, an app, a design company, a website that profits from views and ads, or your professional services. For this reason, we also not publish articles coming from brands or business profiles.

To maintain the quality and impartiality of our content, we preserve ourselves the right to refuse articles that do not align with our mission and beliefs. This is a very hard line to draw, and it’s obviously subjective – so please don’t take it personally. Our main objective is to be a safe place for the UX community, where people don’t need to worry about whether someone is trying to sell them on something or not.

How the submission process works

  1. If it's your first time publishing with us, send your published article on Medium to [email protected] via email, with a one sentence description of what your article is about.
  2. We will review all submissions thoroughly and get back to you within 3 business days. We rarely take longer than that to respond, but if we do, don’t worry — we’re just having a hectic week.
  3. After being accepted and reviewed, your article can take from 1 day up to 3 weeks to be published, depending on the queue and editorial planning. The best articles are not time-sensitive, so this shouldn’t be an issue.
  4. Once your article is published with us, we ask you to not remove it from our publication for at least 6 months.

Frequently asked questions

“It's my first time submitting. What can I do so your publication can request my article?”

  • Make sure your article is published and listed.
  • Make sure your Medium account settings allow you to be contacted via email.
  • Make sure that publications can request your story as well.

“I just published with other publication. Can you add it to as well?”

No. Medium only allows articles to be published to one publication at a time. If your article has already been published with a different publication, we are not allowed to request it to

You can choose to remove it from the other publication to add it to, but we recommend letting the other publication know you will be doing that. If you don’t want to switch publications, feel free to submit future articles to us.

“What will you edit before publishing my article?”

  • Typos and formatting style.
  • In case we want to propose more structural changes to your article, we will leave private notes in your story.
  • We will remove any affiliate program link or any other promotional link that are not related to the article.
  • We will also add a subscription form to our newsletter at the very bottom of your article — so more users can be notified when great content like yours is published on our site.

"I have an idea, but it's not exactly an article…"

We like experimenting with different mediums and formats, like we did with our chatbot and with the

Maybe your content is actually several short videos. Maybe you are creating a satirical piece. Or making an open-letter style. Share it with us! We are open to different formats, channels and style, if it is has a reason to be.

“Learn from the community, give back to the community”


A big part of what we learned in UX comes from online reading: articles, tutorials, resources, blogs. It’s all available out there, for free — and all you have to do is invest some time to dig it up.

But there’s a lot.

UX is becoming increasingly popular, and with that comes a lot of clutter, noise and disorientation. UXDESIGN.CC is our attempt at curating some of that content and giving it back to the community in a more structured and digestible way.

The polar bear illustration is a reference to “Information Architecture for the World Wide Web”, one of the most famous books on UX.

We don’t make any money with our website. We don’t want to. We will not. All the maintenance costs are personally paid by us, Fabricio and Caio.


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