Strelka Ultra


Strelka Ultra is a space age, in-your-face headliner. Think of this Ultra release as a Kickstarter for a prospective family. This is the loudest weight; purely display. I’m testing the waters before expanding to a a full family of weights. If it proves popular, I’ll expand the family and any early adopters will have the full family delivered to them for free. If you buy Strelka Ultra and it’s not popular, you still have yourself a nice retro headliner, perfect for your fledgling space tourism business or sentient robot army’s corporate identity.What’s included in Strelka Ultra then? Here goes…For that authentic space age look, a Cyrillic alphabet was a must. This is Schizotype’s first font to include a Cyrillic character set. Small Caps are included for Latin glyphs, including numerals, and stylistic alternates are SS01 – alternative A and E, and SS02 – alternative y. Lastly, automatic fractions are there for all your (g)astronomic cookbook needs.