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We sometimes take things too seriously and thus overrate people sharing their shiny design and code experiments with the world.

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Heard of dark mode? Of course, you have. Dark mode is said to reduce eye strain, it has grown in popularity, and user demand. Sketch recently released a new version of their software offering the dark side of the screen, thus addressing a user need and solving a user problem. Beside other UI changes, they also introduced other details such as the one shown in the image below. When in dark mode the bitmap icon turns from a day into a night scenery by changing the sun into a moon picto. Neat!

In Sketch’s dark mode the bitmap icon changes from day to night by showing the moon instead of the sun.

This detail pointed out by my co-worker did not only leave me with a smile on my face. It also reminded me of a topic that has been tackled many times but remains debated.

Author: Dan Nessler

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