Should’s, Could’s, and Trump –

‘What should I do?’, the quintessential question of free will.

The reality is built through our steps into what we believe we should do [among all the things we could do].

In different scopes of decision [strategy and design related, professional, personal, …], future outcomes can only be partially foreseen. The Brexit and the Trump election are large-scale examples of how individual actions can have broad and unpredictable effects in the future. This uncertainty is inherent to a major part of our decisions, like investing in a project or not, designing something in a certain way or not, moving to another city or not, and so on.

As any decision itself is the product of underlying principles/heuristics, it is important to be aware and intentional about them, either making our own decisions or choosing someone to make decisions for us.

Looking at the Trump election, one of my personal principles comes repeatedly to mind: Values over Purpose over Strategy.

As reasonable definitions we can consider the following:

. Values: qualities of stance, mind, character, and behavior; it deals with right conduct and good life

. Purpose: a desired goal or outcome

. Strategy: a combination of actions to accomplish a specific goal or outcome

As I worry about Trump’s strategies [e.g. the Trump Wall], purposes [e.g. for the ‘purpose of entertainment’] and values [e.g. the ‘fascist fantasy of the lone superhero’], I also think that it reflects and increases the pertinence of our role in every decision to build a brighter future, of bridges, not walls, of acceptance, empathy, collaboration, and abundance.

We need to pay attention at our own values, purposes, and strategies. It is our job to design products, services, and organizations that work for the common good. Design the future by designing yourself.

Author: Max Yogoro

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