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A showcase of the iterative design process

There are a lot of products that allow you to record your actions in the web browsers. Some of them are recent startups like Loom, others have been on the market for many years, like Vidyard.

Screenlife is a web recorder too, but it stands out from the competition because it saves its recordings as interactive video files. It means that when the user is watching the Screenlife video, all the links, buttons and other elements from the recorded pages are clickable and active.

Screenlife can be used to record tutorials, create product tours or to tell interactive stories. For example, in this Screenlife recording lifestyle blogger, Carlos Deloye Harris Jr. shares his shopping tips while creating a spring outfit on the Urban Outfitters. Every element in the video is interactive, so you can buy items that Carlos adds to his cart directly from the player screen.

Currently, the project is in early beta — some bugs may still occur.

Author: Elvis Obanya

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