Said no user ever –

“Look how great, Forbes gives me a quote of the day and a FREE BANNER AD before I am able to read the article I came here to read.”

“I love shopping on because I love how responsive the website is between mobile and desktop. Look at the way these modules stack. So seamless.”

“I really hope I can earn a badge for sharing your product with 5 of my friends. #gamification”

“The website is loading. That’s ok, it’s only going to take 30 seconds.”

“What a beautifully crafted banner ad!”

“Hey honey, what’s the URL of that super immersive microsite we visited last week?”

“I love that these chatbots are able to process language in a very natural way. They are almost able to solve my problems like a human would!”

“I’m so glad the designers of this app did a great heuristic analysis of the interface before launching it.”

“I’m never going to share this post with my friends. There is no share button here!”

Author: Fabricio Teixeira

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