Rethinking Google Drive’s Move to… feature [UX Challenge]

? Freebie: Download Sketch & Principle files for Google Drive

Redesigned “Move to” feature in Google Drive


What fascinates me most as a UX designer is how there are many approaches and ways to solve a design problem. Most of what I’ve learnt throughout my career has been attributed from what other designers has shared with community, particularly “Process”.

For that reason, I’d like to share how I improve my design process by setting UX Challenges.

I’ll go into details on how I designed a new interaction for Google Drive’s Move to feature. I’ll take you through my UX process from start to finish, detailing how I researched, designed and animated the solution as well as the tools used throughout.

I’ll also give tips and tricks on how you can set UX challenges to improve your interaction design skills.

I noticed there’s no ? Sketch or Principle freebies out there for Google Drive, so find download links at bottom of this article ? ⬇️

Author: Darren Head

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