Redesigning Siri and adding multitasking features to iOS

WWDC style. (That’s the summary of this story)

After working on a redesign of Youtube and publishing my concept for macOS, I decided I should take care of one of my most beloved platforms of all time: iOS for the iPhone.

Back in 2009, hardly anyone around me knew what an iPhone was: the next big thing in tech had not hit the shores of France yet. The first time I saw it with my own eyes was at a restaurant with my aunt (yes, the same who had a huge iMac in her living room). She had brought it with her and I spent the whole evening on it. I remember how amazed I was by the responsiveness of the screen and how natural the multitouch gestures felt to me. Until then, touch screens had meant resistive technology (you know, those touch screens where you had to press really hard to do anything) and it clearly didn’t allow for such a smooth experience. Back home, I begged my parents to buy me an iPhone and a few months later, I happily received my glorious iPhone 3G for my birthday.

The phone lacked crucial features, like a video camera, and sending MMS was not even possible at the beginning, but I couldn’t care less: the user experience was miles ahead of the rest of the industry, and the App Store had a lot of potential for the years to come.

Almost ten years later, iOS has improved so much, and the excitement lives on as Apple concocts a new version bundled with new features each year. This time around, I wanted to imagine an update that I would personally be excited about if it showed up at the WWDC, and this is what I came up with.

Let me introduce you to iOS Mogi.

This is Mogi, a beautiful fishing village near Nagasaki in Japan. I took this picture last year.

Author: Kévin Eugène

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