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This bundle includes more than 300 brushes for the iPad app Procreate, in a large variety of mediums and styles. If you prefer, you can also purchase the sets included in this bundle separately.

Crosshatching brushes
Engraving brushes
Glitch brushes
Grain brushes
Grunge brushes
Grunge texture brushes
Halftone brushes
Ink brushes
Ink stamp brushes
Ink & paint brushes
Ink splatter brushes
Lens flares brushes
Neon brushes
Paint brushes
Pattern brushes: https
Pencil & charcoal brushes
Sketching brushes
Smudge brushes
Space brushes
Stippling brushes
Watercolor brushes

What’s included:
You will receive a ZIP containing all the brushes listed above, arranged in separate folders. For each set, I’ve added a swatches file for a quick preview of the brushes.

Installing the brushes:
Update: if you have iOS 11 installed, you can use the drag & drop feature to quickly import several brushes at the same time.
> After checkout, you will be able to download the ZIP file directly.
> Download the ZIP file to your computer, and unzip the file.
> Then, you can transfer the folder containing the brushes either via iCloud Drive (simply drag the brush folder in the iCloud Drive folder), Dropbox, or by sending an email to yourself with the files added as attachments.
> If you are using Dropbox or iCloud Drive, you’ll have to download the same apps on your iPad via the App Store, if you don’t already have them (they are free).
> Take your iPad, and depending which transfer method you’ve chosen, open the corresponding app (Mail app, Dropbox app, iCloud Drive app etc).
> Locate the folder containing your brushes, and select one of the .brush files (.brush is the extension – the format used for Procreate brushes), and choose “Copy to Procreate” (iCloud Drive) or “Export— Open in… — Copy to Procreate” (Dropbox). The brush will be directly transferred to the Procreate app, and now you can start drawing! Repeat this step for the other brushes from the set.**