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I could (and probably should), wait a couple of weeks until Google I/O before publishing this post where I anticipate we’ll be hearing a lot about MD 2.0. However, that wouldn’t be fun, would it?

As someone who’s in the process of redesigning an Android app, I’ve been keeping a very close eye on various different apps and websites Google’s launched ever since the first rumors of Material Design 2.0 emerged a few months ago.

First, a quick summary of products Google has either released or revamped in the last six months which I have been studying for pointers:

  1. Google Play Games
  2. Google Pay
  3. Gmail
  4. Google Tasks mobile apps
  5. Google I/O Schedule
  6. Bulletin (early preview)
  7. Android P (Developer Preview)

This list isn’t exhaustive, but gives a good foundation for the rest of the post. But before jumping right in, it’s important to understand how design teams at Google are structured, and clarify a common misconception: the Material Design team is not in charge of all of design at Google.

Instead, the Material Design team’s focus is purely on the guidelines, which constantly evolve. Individual products have their own design teams that use these guidelines. They might choose to not follow certain specifics if they felt the need to break away, such as the use of bottom tabs before they were “made official” by the Material team. This allows individual products to have their own character and ethos while living inside the general constraints recommended by the Material team.

Now, getting to the preview of Material 2.0 itself. I’m going to break things down in to themes that I have seen and what we can take away from them.

Author: Raveesh Bhalla

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