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Tips & tricks from the experts to conduct whiteboard sessions with your team or during job interviews.

“Congratulations! You have successfully moved onto the next step, which is a whiteboard session with the hiring team”.

That was the first time almost a year ago that I did a whiteboard challenge for a UX job interview, which was reviewed by a team of experienced designers. Since it was a remote session, I had to find a quiet space for the exercise, buy a bigger whiteboard and prepare to spend 40 minutes solving a challenge.

I had no idea how to approach the exercise; it was going to be 100% improvisation, no way to plan ahead, or anticipate the problem I would solve.
At the end everything worked out. I learned a lot, landed the job, and more importantly, I became an advocate of facilitating whiteboard sessions.

As of now, there is no day at work that I do not leverage a whiteboard, either by myself or with my team, to discuss the problems that arise on our projects and to explore a wide range of solutions, hence increasing the confidence and alignment of my peers over the goal we’re pursuing and the challenge we’re solving together.

Author: Arturo Ríos

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