Online ride bookings needs some Check In feature— UX Concepts

This concept comes based on thread that I saw on Twitter.

A few weeks ago, as I go through Twitter to find new and interesting things or just to get an update on what’s happening lately, I spotted one of my friend retweeted a story about someone who had a really bad experience with one of the online ride bookings app.

Read her full story here

She’s probably not the only person who had this kind of experience when using Uber or any other kind of online ride booking like GO-JEK and Grab. There’s tons of story about the bad side of online ride booking as well as the good story.

Let’s acknowledge the problem here

When the user register to become a driver, their application are not being throughly reviewed by those companies. All they need to do to register as the driver is to provide the ID, driving licence, vehicle registration certificates and a official letter from the police station to prove that they have not been involve in any criminal activities or bad behaviour — which can be easily faked if you know how to do it, and everything will be reviewed in 2–3 days before they can start earning money by driving.

So basically, no background checks.

I actually tried to register to become a driver on Uber and Grab, I have not yet tried GO-JEK. But in this case, let’s assume that they also have the same process as the other two. And I got accepted in 1–2 day after providing them with documents that they needed. That’s how fast their process is.

Combine fast registration, no real background check, and not knowing who your driver before hand. You basically trusting someone — a stranger, to drive you home safely when you are tired after work hour and all you want to do is sleep.

So, what can we do to improve your ride safety and experience? What can we do in the situation where you are in a distress and need a help?

Author: Rizki Rahmat Ridha

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