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Listen hard, change fast.

Calligraphy lesson courtesy of MailChimp’s Night School.

In the past 3 months, I have had the privilege of interning with a world-class team of designers at MailChimp. In addition to helping serve simple and clean product designs to 15 million active users, it has been a fun journey of lavish office perks, amazingly talented colleagues, and most importantly, a professional education on humility, creativity, and independence — the three values that are at the core of MailChimp’s culture.

What is humility, creativity, and independence? Every person hired at MailChimp is introduced to these three values during their first week, and encouraged to bring their own interpretations to further enrich the company’s culture. I’m going to leave the sharing of MailChimp’s definition to the marketing department, and only present my opinions here. Looking back, those were three very big words that took me a while to fully understand the implications of — not just in my role as a fledgling product designer, but also in the way employees are already working at MailChimp, and the resulting impact on customers. So without further ado, I am going to try to put into words how I learned to be humble, creative, and independent.

Author: David Chiang

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