Noma Bar’s Illusions Will Make You Double Take

Illustrations of any kind are quite a hot topic lately. Today, we will be expanding on this idea, and going over the work of one of the most world-renowned illustration artists. 


Noma Bar is an Israel-born artist whose works are simple, yet powerful. He has designed over one hundred magazine covers, published over 550 illustrations, and has released three books for his work:

  • Guess Who – The Many Faces of Noma Bar (2008)
  • Negative Space (2009)
  • Bittersweet (2017) – a 680 page 5 volume monograph produced in a Limited Edition of 1000 published by Thames & Hudson.

Possibly just as intriguing as the illustrations themselves, is the fact that Noma manages to create them digitally. Technology has made many people’s jobs easier, but for Noma, this sort of digital art has paved the way for his style. This look wouldn’t be possible without the aid of technology. At least, it would look completely different.

Noma’s works were published in many prominent magazines all around the world, such as Random House, Time Out London, BBC, The Observer, The Economist, and Wallpaper. His works help us understand how the human brain works and how it perceives images and illustrations. Noma’s signature style is that his drawings and animations have a limited color palette, a lot of white space, and simple shapes, which converge to form new meanings:

IBM: Drivers Can See Traffic Jams Before They Happen

Red Riding Hood

Great Jones Street


IBM: Now Food Can Tell You How Fresh It Is

IBM: In India Tiny Loans Can Make Bigger Difference

Burka Ban

Negative Space Book Cover


Pensions & Property

Iraq Oil

Tea For Two


Escape The Weather

Final Cut

Power To The Individual

Banged Up

Shy Guy

War and Peace

Pointed Sense

Wish You Were Here

Gun Crime

Red Riding Hood

Audrey Hepburn

Desert War

Drugs and doping in professional cycling

How fashion loves art

Steven Spielberg

Pulp Fiction

Mad Men

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