New on the UX Bear: Jeremy Keith & Mark Robbins –

A few weeks ago, I was speaking at Pixel Pioneers and had the great pleasure to personally follow up with Jeremy Keith and Mark Robbins for an interview on the UX Bear.

What is the UX Bear

The UX Bear’s goal is to give designers an overview of what’s happening in UX and on the web in a conversational way. It covers topics on a broad level and helps users discover new content about UX, Design, and the Web.

Here are the interviews!

Jeremy Keith on resilient web design – UX Chat
Designing and developing on the web is many ways different to other environments.uxchat.meMark Robbins on Immersive Email Experiences – UX Chat
Emails suck right? Well… it probably depends what your definition of email

Thanks again Jeremy & Mark!

Also, don’t miss our interview with Nir Eyal about the psychology of addictive products.

Nir Eyal on Addictive Products – UX Chat
Companies all around the world invest a huge amount of effort in creating experiences that engage

Author: Adrian Zumbrunnen

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