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This industry, and many like it, are in a constant state of flux. New tools, techniques, and terminology evolve from insights revealed during ceaseless production. When the Web Design program at Humber College first began, Oculus Rift was just about to launch on Kickstarter. Yesterday, Samsung announced it was granted a patent for smart contact lenses that directly project images into a user’s eye. Next year any institution not guiding students to develop interactive experiences that include VR & AR will be doing their students a disservice.

For my own continual edification, I spend most mornings reading, learning, and dreaming up meaningful ways to integrate new gems like AI services into my personal projects. Ahem, Rights.Kit. We are far more likely to be using a combination of gesture, voice, and touch for our future interfaces in the coming wave of products that are married with powerful machine thinking behind them. We’ve come a long way since the Netscape browser that I started on.

For my students, both in second and third year of a three year program, continuously advancing their understanding of why we build things must always walk hand in hand with how. The technology we use will never sit still.

During their final projects the following resources will be enormously helpful. As they are for me and anyone else who practices interactive design.

Author: Adam Leon

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