Maybe more brands should be thinking about UX –

I hate the NyQuil bottle.

Actually, to be more precise, I hate the little NyQuil cup that comes with the NyQuil bottle.

It’s great for the first dose, but who wants to get out of bed to rinse the thing when you’re sick? So the second dose is crusty. If you haven’t lost the cup already.

My significant other chugs NyQuil straight from the bottle.

I imagine they’re not alone.

And really, this should kind of scare P&G. It seems like this design leaves some room for litigation in overdose cases, despite the bottle’s warning: “only use the dose cup provided.”

This warning is under the label. You have to peel a layer back to read it.

Great job, guys. Don’t go trying to apply at any startups cause this sort of user experience just wouldn’t cut it.

I was procrastinating the other night and took an hour to redesign the bottle. Wanna see?

At first, when I thought about how to get a bottle to dispense a set amount of liquid, I thought there would have to be significant changes to the bottle. Perhaps a lid like the 1800 bottle of tequila:

But there are a ton of videos on YouTube about how to use this cap without flinging tequila everywhere… which would be rather nasty in the case of NyQuil.

So I wanted something simpler.

Finally, I just thought, let’s have a small chamber that fills within the bottle itself. People are already drinking from bottle, so rather than discouraging that, let’s make it safe.

The lowest tech way I could think of to do this was to create a plastic partition between the chambers with a small hole in the center. The NyQuil liquid is viscous enough that it’s not all going to spill back into the main container when it’s tipped upright to be swallowed.

So my question is…

Why aren’t they doing this already?

Author: Kiki Schirr

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