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MANGA BRUSH MEGAPACK PLUS 2.0 – EVERYTHING COMIC ! Photoshop Screentones 1000+ Brushes
EVERYTHING MANGA 2.0 includes over 1000 screentones, brushes, and everything offered under the category of Manga / Comic. ✦ ✧Over 1000 Photoshop brushes and patterns!


Texture brushes – comic textures, simple hair textures. Liner Pens and Brushes.
Hundreds of SCREENTONES!
Clothing Materials & Decorations, such as: Lace, knitted fabric, frills, fringe decoration, stitch designs
Graphic brushes – Blood and Action
Underwater bubbles & air bubbles, soapsuds, liquid foam, gooey liquid, etc.
Brushes to draw the Weather: Rain, snow, hail, clouds, fog, lightning
Brushes to draw special Panel Borders: A dotted line made of dashes, a dotted line made of perfectly round dots, a splotchy line, a line made of many small criss-cross shapes, a line made of many small diagonal lines, knotted patterns/designs, a plant roots line, etc.
Scatter brushes, such as: Christmas snowflakes, rose petals, feathers, confetti, glass shards
Glowy & Celestial Things, such as: Stars, shooting stars, constellations, fireflies, fireworks, moon, sun, planets, galaxies, aurora lights, light beams, flexible light tubes, rock crystals, the glare on reflective surfaces, etc.
Superpowers – Brushes to draw energy balls, electricity and other superpowers
Environmental Aspects of Battle Scenes, such as: Explosions, flying dust particles & rock, impact craters, lava, etc.
Textures for Different Ground Surfaces, such as: Rock, mountain, soil, beach sand, dry & cracked desert ground, cobblestones, pebbles, concrete, dirt & asphalt.
Vegetation, such as: Shrubs, grasses, wildflowers, foliage, trees, bamboo sticks, etc.
Textures for Objects & Environments, such as: Different types of wood, rusty metal, the walls of old dilapidated buildings, bumpy textures (both uniform & irregular bumps), etc.
Brushes Specifically for Manga, such as: Curved speed lines, symbolic flowers often used in shoujo backgrounds, such as the ones here, cherry blossom flowers, white chrysanthemum, white roses.

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