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I found the experience of learning to drive to be very similar to the experience I had as a new designer. My experienced driver friends always gave me tips on how to drive safely and how to avoid unnecessary incidents, which perfectly reflected my growth journey as a designer.

New vs. Experienced

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New Driver

  • Goals: I need to get home safely.
  • Change Lanes: Scary! Can I change lanes now? What if I get hit by other cars?
  • Got honked at: Ugh! People were angry! Maybe I turned on the signal too late or forgot to use the small mirror to check the blind spot.
  • Emotions: Driving sucks, it’s scary and stressful.

New Designer

  • Goals: I want to redesign this feature.
  • Propose redesign idea: Scary! Can I propose this redesign idea? What if I get rejected?
  • Got rejected: Ugh! My [leadership title] was not convinced because I didn’t have enough evidence, I didn’t use data to back up my thinking.
  • Emotions: Being a designer is frustrating, people don’t listen to me.

Author: Jessie Chen

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