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Two years back when I had set my mind to pursue further studies in User Experience Design, one question which I had to answer a million times was – Why UX after spending 5 years learning Architecture? Even the visa officer at United States Embassy was curious to understand the reason for this shift from designing building to designing digital experience.

To start with the basic understanding of the two fields- Architecture is the field which involves planning, designing and construction of any structure. They design navigation, orientation and way-finding through spaces. Whereas User Experience design involves improving user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility and functionality of the product. In both the cases a designer has to focus to create seamless transition from one point to other for users.

It’s a common misconception that Architecture is merely about designing buildings. It is about designing spaces and essentially instigating a delightful experience as the user moves through this built environment.

An architect has a huge social responsibility since every line or curve drawn on paper is going to affect the user’s movement. They always have to make sure all the aspects being designed is adding value to people’s lives, not just in terms of built space but in terms of the kind of feeling it generates.

It is about improving living standards of a society or a community. And not always designing according to the trends.It involves understanding users, predicting their behavior and proposing a solution than what exist. Having been in this field for 6 years, it is second nature to be to envision different ways in which a human can perform a task, move through space or interact with an environment. User is always at the focus of designing.

Author: Shailee Sheth

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