Is Adidas Really Changing Its Logo?

We’ve all heard the name Adidas before. What you might not know, is that they have several different logos, and are much more than just a shoe company. This brand was created by a man named Adolf (Adi) Dassler, who was born in Herzogenaurach in Germany in 1924. Before this, Dassler made simple shoes to sell out of his mother’s wash room. Talk about humble beginnings.


The brand hasn’t stopped since then. Recently, however, they’ve gained a lot of popularity by inviting influencers to collaborate with designs. Not even mentioning to ever popular “Boost” branding that a lot of sneaker collectors are after. One could even argue that they are the most recognizable shoe brand on the planet. However, there are many branches of Adidas. Not only do they make some of the most sought after and iconic shoes in the world, they’ve created a clothing and accessory empire as well.


So what’s this facelift all about? The designers at Adidas explained that they’re going for a simple and stunning look. One that is easy to place and scale as needed:

But it’s a little more complex than it seems. Comparing the new logo to the old logo, you’ll notice that they only removed the lower half.

Adidas is known as “The brand with the three stripes.” So what direction does this take them? Well, let’s not forget the multiple branches Adidas has to offer. We have the corporate branding above.


Adidas Originals:

And Adidas Sport:

As you can see, the only logo that changed was the corporate one. The iconic three stripes still exists within the company and will very likely still be present on many of their apparel and shoes.


Adidas approached this new look with one goal in mind. They wanted to make it simple, easy to get, and memorable. They cut out all distractions from the main idea, the name.


The brand hit this Logo change right on the mark. It’s sleek, trendy, and easy to remember. They completely removed everything from the logo except for what’s important, the name. Now, for designers and marketers alike that work with Adidas, it’s easier to manage fitting the logo into an advertisement.


But it’s about more than that. One of the biggest trends nowadays is to be a low key as possible. To make your name known, but to show it off in a sleek, not so in-your-face way. And, Adidas did that. They managed to not so much create a new logo, but rather build off the old one. They turned the old, clunky baggage of a logo into a streamline yet innovative name. With this re-branding out of their way, who knows what Adidas will come up with next.

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Author: Web Design Ledger

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