iOS Notification redesign concept — a UX case study

Giving more control to the users.


Like many phone users, I carry my phone with me all the time, feeling the need to be focused and connected with the outside world. As people strive to be informed of the things in this outside world, notifications play such a big role to communicate outside world information with us in a form of notification from multiple applications we installed.

However, as an iPhone user for many years, I find the iOS notification very frustrating to use. We all had experiences when a long list of notifications was sitting on our lock screens, making us feel very overwhelmed. Stumbling across many posts and videos, I was able to easily find many people complain about the same problem I felt and wanting to see improvements made in the current notification system.


Feeling the sense of empathy, JooHo Yeo (Facebook SW Engineer) and I decided to form a team to first fully understand the iOS notification system and to explore opportunities around it to give better notification experience to people.

Problem: iOS notification isn’t doing its JOB

current iOS notification

According to Apple design guideline, its role hugely lies in providing timely and important information anytime to the people. However, we discovered that the iOS notification is designed in a way that doesn’t help users to focus on the information they need. Instead, it creates unnecessary clutter on their screens. Then, we acknowledged users have difficulties with digesting the information provided by the iOS notification system.

A feature providing notifications based on people’s priority

To give users more control over information they get from notifications, the concept provides users to read information separately in two sections: up to three most important notifications and general notifications. This allows users to digest information from applications in their priority order, allowing users to understand and read information easier.

Author: Sooho Choi

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