Interviewing design interns at Facebook –

What their thoughts and experiences have been in the design field.

Asking questions about their experiences getting into the design field: How did you get into design? What is design to you? How do you stay inspired or motivated? What are some of the tools you use? What would you say to students in design like you?

Several of the former Product Design Interns at Facebook (Summer of 2017) were happy to share their personal experiences and thoughts. Hopefully, this article helps those who are just getting into design. Special thanks to Amanda, Daniel, Katherine, Rohan, Ally, Jane, Eric, Robyn, Hunter, Yifei and Ishaan for your time and participation!

*This is not representative of all the former Summer 2017 Interns, just several who were willing to share their personal experiences. And this is NOT about their internship projects. It’s only to utilize Medium as a place to share their thoughts and experiences to other people about design.

Author: Geunbae "GB" Lee

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