Illustrated History of Mac OS X Versions

Apple fans who can remember the early days will certainly love this illustrated look back over history. The Tower app for Git published a new blog post covering an illustrated history of the Mac OS X operating system.

You can view the post here and scroll to see each illustration.

It’s a single-page design starting with OS X Cheetah and moving through to El Capitan. Each OS is given a neat illustration plus a cool blurb about features and release info.

Most infographics are made with strong vector art encapsulated into a single file. It’s really cool to see Tower going the route of an HTML-based infographic which allows for a more interactive experience.

Whether you’re a big Apple fan or have just heard about OS X in passing from co-workers, this infographic is a cool way to learn more about the company and the software that powers their domination of the personal computing marketplace.

Author: Jake Rocheleau

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