I am holding office hours sessions in UX – uxdesign.cc

Every Wednesday, 10-minute sessions with people looking for mentorship or advice. Schedule a session here.

If you have been following uxdesign.cc for some time, you have probably heard about our motto of giving back to the community. Most of what I learned about UX comes from other people’s work, talks, words and effort, so it is only fair that I find ways of giving it back — uxdesign.cc being one.

To be honest, I have been doing this informally for a while. A lot of the emails I get every week come from people interested in jumping on a call to chat about design, career, or to simply ask for portfolio feedback.

What can we chat about?

The topics are fairly open. The list below can give you a few ideas, but feel free to propose new topics and use the time however you want.

  • Portfolio feedback
  • Career advice
  • Writing advice
  • Design feedback
  • Q&A
  • Projects and partnerships

For more context on what I do and how I started in design, check this out.

Why only 10 minutes?

Really to keep things focused. Bring the questions, and I’ll answer the best I can. An on-screen timer counts down from 10 minutes and ends the call automatically. The hard stop can be a little disconcerting, but it really helps both sides be as straightforward as possible. And you can always book a new session the following week.

How should I prepare for the session?

Keep things to 3. If you want feedback on your portfolio, pick 3 cases for us to go through. If you want it to be more of a Q&A session, limit it to 3 questions. If you want me to give feedback on your designs, keep it to 3 screens. Usually we spend the first minute with quick intros.

How do I schedule time?

I’m using Officehours to help manage my schedule. You can book a time slot with me on my office hours page.

Chat soon,

Author: Fabricio Teixeira

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