I am declaring war on the phone zombie apocalypse – UX Collective

We’ve finally found a way to win.

Steve Cutts, I ♥ you

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re probably looking at your phone, mindlessly scrolling while on the bus or train, or toilet 😉 No?

Maybe you’re at your desktop at work, pretending to do something you’re being paid to do, but instead you’re secretly here with me. In this magical digital world. This world created for you, by “them.”

Or perhaps I should say created by “us,” because, to be honest, it was me, and other designers just like me who have meticulously created this digital maelstrom shit-show that we collectively call the new normal.

I’m going to reveal a design secret…

I’m a little scared, I must admit, I feel a bit like a magician breaking the sacred oath, but my honour now compels me to come clean with you.

The secret is, you’ll do almost anything to feel a sense of “connection,” and the best designers* in the world, exploit this fact about you, for all you’re worth. Yeah, not cool, I know. That’s why it’s a secret.

*By best, I mean most successful, we certainly aren’t the best in a sense that we are ‘good’

Author: Andrew Doherty

Collect by: uxfree.com