HTML Color Codes – The Perfect Webapp for Digital Color Selection

Digital color pickers are widely used by designers and developers to craft pixel-perfect interfaces. Most of the time these color pickers are utilized from programs like Sketch or Photoshop.

But recently I found a handy little webapp by the name of HTML Color Codes. It’s a completely free website made by Dixon & Moe showcasing various color selection methods from sliders, spectrums, swatches, and even tabular lists of color names.

The site is primarily meant to be a color scheme designing solution whereby you can match up colors and see how they work together. But it’s also a great resource for color discovery and for converting certain colors into HEX codes for the web.

A fixed sliding bar follows you around the site with a collection of 5-6 colors. You can lock colors in place and keep this color scheme saved throughout the duration of your visit. It’s a neat way of playing with colors through a visual representation of swatches.

Plus the site has two other pages full of color resources and color-centric tutorials.

If you love to play & create with color this is definitely worth a quick peek and maybe even a bookmark to add into your digital creative workflow.

Author: Jake Rocheleau

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