How to make smart group decisions on food — iPhoneX experience design

Flow of Herd app, an iOS food decision app for iPhoneX

My design thinking approach to “Where to eat?” challenge

Final Design of Herd. I enjoyed this opportunity to provide a simple solution for a complex flow challenge, and to explore the newest design trend for iOS 11 & iPhoneX. As a GameOfThrone fan, I used heroes in the show as my persona for this design.

Design Process

This was a five-day independent project. I broke the challenge into five steps:
1. Understand the Challenge
2. Brainstorm and Explore
3. Synthesize key findings from User Research 
4. Make design decisions
5. Design Information Hierarchy and Interaction

Highlights of Herd app

1. Bring food options directly into group conversation without switching between app platforms.
2. Recommend food options to user by leveraging group preference and existing apps, such as Yelp.
3. Empower
group to take action and make decisions quickly through experience design.

Author: Zi Yuan

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