How to get started with hand-drawn animation — part II

A day in the animated life.

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I recently participated in the fifth annual 100 day project. I wanted to document the process of drawing and animating #100daysofSuperShort for myself and for others exploring hand-drawn animation. There was nothing like this to help me get started a few months ago; I hope this write-up will be useful for beginners like me, while illustrating broad applicability in both practice and output.

A day in the animated life — Part I covered:

  1. Diving in
    How I began
  2. 100 Days of Super Short
    Why I began
  3. Output
    What I made
  4. The tools
    What I made them with
  5. Rough Animator
    A focus on the primary animation and drawing app
  6. Recording, editing, and sourcing sound
    Where I obtained royalty-free audio and how I integrated them into animations

The current post, Part II, covers:

  1. Process and format
    The basic work flow, resolution, fps, etc.
  2. Faves
    My favorite animations out of the 100
  3. Inspiration
    Where I got my ideas
  4. Applications & styles
    Examples of hand-drawn animation out in the wild, including commercial advertising, non-profit, and the product design world
  5. What I learned
    General and technical notes
  6. Next up
    Where I’ll go from here

Author: Coleen Baik

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